All That You Need to Know about IBM Data Power Careers

Data Power creates customer value through extreme SOA performance, connectivity, and security. It provides the flexibility of software in hardware, which is quick to deploy. In other way, it may takes weeks or months to integrate,but in case of IBM Data Power the scenario is entirely different.

Data Power is a gateway that helps in providing security, control, integration and at the same time provides access to mobile networks, web, service-oriented architecture, and application programming interface.There is a huge demand for data power careers worldwide and job seekers should definitely choose this option for a bright future.

Data Power expands the scope of valuable IT assets to new channels such as customers, employees and partners. It is available in the following form factors: physical, virtual, cloud, Linux* and Docker.

The future of Data Power is really good and job seekers who want to switch to this field can do so as this is one of the emerging sectors in today’s world. Pointless to say, it is a good option for sure. This technology allows you to rapidly expand the scope of valuable IT assets to new channels.

Like the job profile, salary too is an interesting factor in this field. Professionals with good experience may earn a handsome salary while freshers too earn attractive salaries by choosing this particular career.

Talking about salaries, experienced candidates may earn up to INR 7,00,000 to INR 8,00,000 per annum, while in case of entry level engineers an amount of INR 3,50,000 to INR 4,00,000is common.

In case of senior level engineers,the annual income may reach up to INR 9,00,000 -INR 12,00,000 and for senior consultant the salary level is way more than engineers – somewhere from INR 12,50,000 toINR 15, 00,000.

The salary figures are really attractive, but to earn the amount, one should be well qualified and deserving. To be in the same field, one should be able to install, manage, and monitor IBM Web Sphere Data Power Gateway Appliances. He should have hands-on experience in these.

Most importantly, one should be familiar with:

  • Networking protocols
  • Security-based concepts and protocols
  • XML-related technologies such as XML schema, XPath, and XSLT
  • Ensure high availability of DataPower appliances by using load balancer groups, clustering, Intelligent Load Distribution, self-balancing, the On Demand Router, VLANs, and link aggregation
  • Troubleshoot and debug services by using the problem determination tools, logs, and probes that are provided with the DataPower appliance
  • Manage the migration of service configurations

There are many more skills required to be in Data Power field and it is not that tough toachieve. With proper efforts and concentration, one can surely reach thepeak of the industry.