Why Is It So Hard to Take up Sports?

Have you ever been thinking why it is so hard for you to finally start running in the mornings? This article answers the questions.

Can You Finally Get Your Butt off the Couch and Take up Some Sport?


We constantly convince ourselves that we start doing sports next Monday. Or Tuesday. Or after Kim’s party. Or after we find a better job. Yes, they all are just excuses and everyone knows that but we keep repeating “Next …*insert a date*”. But why is it so? Is it only our laziness that obstructs us from having more time and desire for sport? The researchers have done their work, here are the results.

But first of all, your life in details. We have prepared tow variants of your life, neither of them can pass to you or maybe both of them apply to you in some way. But it doesn’t matter much now.

You get up at 7 a.m., have a cup of coffee or cereals (or both), you perhaps work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., then go home, make yourself comfortable on the coach in front of TV (not popular anymore, let’s better say Netflix) and with ordered food or hang up with friends in a bar with a bottle of beer. Or scrolling through the https://crazyessay.com/write-my-essay.

OR: you wake up at 6 a.m., make super healthy breakfast for yourself, your husband and two charming kids, drive them to school, go to work and return at about 5 or 6 p.m. to take up routine household like cleaning, cooking or just relaxing (because who said you should clean every day?). The stories are of completely different people but one thing is common between them – you have no sport in your life.

Everyday Life

Why Diets Do Not Work

Maybe I will tell you no new information but starvation, which is basically every diet known today, will never work. People who make their organism starve will only gain more weight after that return to normal eating.

  • What if I never return to normal eating be always dieting?
  • You will die.

Is not it better just to enjoy the world and food that we eat? Change your food environment. Make it persistent. If you want to eat healthy and not gain weight, you have to learn to keep the weight you have.

And the thing you call “a diet” when eating less but every time you feel hunger, is actually called “normal eating lifestyle”. You didn’t invent any new method of eating when having a nutritional healthy meal when you are hungry. It is our nature of life and survival.

Try out mindful eating. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Work on your appetite to limit the amount of food you may eat at one time.

“If diets worked, we’d all be thin already” – TED speaker Sandra Aamodt.

So Why Is It So Hard for You to Take up Sport?

Person in Frustration

The social neuropsychologists have studied this issue and came to an interesting fact: perception of every human being is subjective and we see the world differently. For some people the grass is greener as they look at it, for others the politicians look more trustworthy when having a smile or a cashier sounds more friendly if you are in a good mood as well.

Are minds might work against us. Some people see exercise as difficult while others as easier. It is all in your head. Your own attitude to your body reflects your attitude to sport and motivation to it.It all goes from our body fit and mind. Motivation and shape are the key elements to being sportier in general.

Lack of motivation is the greatest obstacle. Imagining it real, not that far away from you. It should line up with reality.It is your way of seeing the world and you actually might see it differently. Be competitive but also compassionate about sports. The figures on scale do not really matter when it comes to seeing other runners turn their ankle.

If you look at running as some punishable kind of thing because you have eaten a slice of pizza last night – sports will never bring you joy and relaxation. We are able to do something extraordinary every day that was just an everyday routine for our ancestors. Run 5 miles without a pause? Our ancestors could do much more! Challenging yourself means being better every day than you were yesterday and looking forward to tomorrow.

Actual Directive How to Keep Yourself Motivated

  • Have a concrete goal. Note it down or keep reminding yourself why you are doing all of that. Yes, “to be fit and sporty” is also a nice goal to reach;
  • Think of it every day and be happy of the upcoming exercise. Do not make it a routine and do not moan every time you have to do sports. Just imagine how thankful your body will be for that and keep exercising!
  • Have a reminder for taking sports until your body has it as a habit;
  • Start it simply. No need to try to run a marathon at the beginning. Nevertheless, do not give pampering yourself, once you feel it is too easy for you, it’s time to move to another level;
  • Be ready to warm your motivation up from time to time. Yes, it fades away extremely quickly, so be ready to make yourself sure you still need to take up sport;
  • Be positive and have a track of your progress;
  • Think of it as a stress relief. What can be better after a tough week than a nice calm jogging in the park? Make it a pleasant activity and you will want to do sports very soon!
  • Be flexible. If you promised yourself to do exercise 15 minutes in the morning and suddenly overslept and need to rush to work – no worries, you go home from work and instead of making thousands of excuses why you don’t want to do exercises and that you do it only in the mornings, you just convince yourself you want it and you do it;
  • I won’t recommend anyone to make it social as everyone does. It is your choice. I, personally, feel no much motivation from knowing people track my progress that urges me to exercise harder but I lose motivation after all.

Not so hard, it is? Everything comes from your brain. If you let yourself believe that you can take up sport today and, what is more important, keep doing it – you will definitely do it, no matter what.