What is Westminster Tutors?

Being founded in 1934 by doughty miss Freeston, Westminster Tutors is one of the oldest tutorial institute available in the country. The reason that the institute was build was that Miss Freeston realized that, unlike her, there aren’t many women who have access to tutors that can help them in securing admissions in universities like Cambridge and Oxford. Miss Freeston has spent 40 years of her life on Westminster Tutors, making it famous for its teaching in a short amount of time.

The reason why the college is called Westminster Tutors is because of the fact that the college was originally in Artillery Row Westminster. Until 1992, the same premises were occupied by the college. Even though it was originally made for girls, by 1992, the services have been extended to male students as well. Also by then, students were also given A levels and GCSE tuitions too. In 1993, Westminster Tutors was merged into David Game group and the location was changed to South Kensington on the Old Brompton Road.

Facilities Provided by The College

  • If the nearby universities are having career events and lectures, Westminster Tutors lets their students take full advantage of these opportunities. They also organize trips to the theater and other places, all in the vicinity of the college.
  • Every year, a head girl and boy are selected. These are the representatives of the school and are responsible for holding social events for the student body of the college like bowling nights and ice skating at Christmas.
  • With the location that Westminster Tutors has, the students of the college can avail the facilities of the Chelsea Sports Centre, Institut Français Victoria & Albert Museum, Science Museum, and Natural History Museum all of which are within the walking distance.
  • With the help of the visiting faculty, students can get instruments lesson. These teachers are part of the Royal College of Music.
  • For students who are taking science courses such as chemistry, biology, and physics, Westminster Tutors provide equipment to carry out on-site practical work. Moreover, from the David Game College, chemistry laboratory sessions are also provided.
  • For the music students, the Westminster Tutors provide software that is up to date and of an industry standard that is installed on Macs and other laptops.