What Is The STC?

Are you a teacher from a school or a leader who wants to plan an educational trip? Do you want to go to these trips but also ensure that they are absolutely safe? If this is what you plan to do in the next few weeks, then the best possible solution for you is contacting The STC which is one of the best travel consultancies.

What The STC Believes In?

They believe in the moto that responsible tourism can be translated to better educational travel. This is because The STC has a firm belief in the fact that environment, cultures, and communities can make a positive impact on the tourism and vice versa. This is the reason that supportable and accountable tourism is important for their business.

They want to make the experience of their clients as fulfilling as they can by making them connect and enjoy the culture, communities, and environment they visit and get the chance to explore and live in.

History Of The STC

It is impossible to not have heard about The STC if you discussed your plan of organizing an educational trip with literally anyone. People would suggest going to The STC and for good reasons too. The travel consultancy started in 2006 and has been creating their name since then by providing best tourism advice and trips. This has been provided by coming up with innovative and creative educational school trips and extraordinary school expeditions abroad and by a group of passionate and responsible teachers who have a firm belief on providing responsible traveling to their clients.

Why traveling matters so much to The STC

As mentioned before, responsible traveling and tourism are what they have a firm belief in and what they value the most in their business too. This deeply ingrained value lets the client know that what they are experiencing, during their trips and expedition, would have an effect on not only them but their students, who are there with them, too.

Because they work closely with locals of the places they take their clients on a trip to, they ensure that most of the knowledge of the cultures, traditions, environment, and communities are transferred to their clients and they could have the full advantage of a vast pool of knowledge they can get from these trips and communities. Students get to learn about the flora and fauna of those places and what importance they have in these places. People on these trips can also learn their languages too.