What are the 5 advantages and disadvantages of distance learning?

In the face of the growing success of distance education, you may be considering this learning system but you are not sure if you are making the right choice. We have listed the five advantages and disadvantages of distance learning.

Three students experimented with distance learning and shared their experience with the positive and negative aspects of this education system. Each of them has a different course. Lana attended a distance education in order to obtain MBA Distance learning. Aurora validated her diploma BEP Sanitary and Social the second year. Celine returned to student life by focusing on clinical psychology for one semester.

The 5 advantages of distance learning

Work in a known environment

Finding new housing is usually a concern if you plan to pursue education away from home. Distance learning then becomes a possible solution. Indeed, Lana agreed that home training was “safer and less stressful”. “We keep our benchmarks in order to organize more easily its workspace” agreed Aurora.

Stay in the family circle

Distance learning provides an answer to students who do not wish to leave their families, especially for those who are returning to school. The support that the family brings during your apprenticeship is a significant privilege. Celine has three children and has never thought of evading her role as a parent. Working at home also strengthens family ties. “I created complicity with my little sister” says Aurora who took care of her a few months after his birth.

Find your work pace

Learning to manage time is clearly the key to successful distance education. Our three students agree that it is important to move forward in their studies at their own pace. Celine has perfectly balanced her family life and her pursuit of studies, “I reviewed during my weekend and after meals.” Time constraints no longer exist, “my schedule of the week was malleable,” agrees Lana.

To gain autonomy

Having to work at home is obviously not a problem to become independent and a responsible adult. “A principle of trust has been established between my parents and me. I self-disciplined during my apprenticeship. I had the authorization to organize my day according to my desires and my progress in my work “confides Lana who devoted time to its sports activities.

Escape the exams

A large number of distance learning courses give students the joy of regular exams. On the other hand, it is essential to take the final exams to validate your exams. Many students are aware of the anxiety that can arise from the approach of an exam where each grade is likely to influence the overall average and therefore the validation of your year. This learning system is a cure for this anxiety.

The 5 disadvantages of distance learning

Being incited to procrastinate

The desire to procrastinate is great if one gives oneself too much liberty during his studies. Thus, distance education can be detrimental to students who have this unfortunate tendency to postpone everything to the next day. “Not having imposed me a fixed schedule was the main cause of my failure,” agrees Aurora about her first year of study who preferred to revise exclusively the subjects that interested him while neglecting others.

An uncontrolled educational follow-up

Our three students admit to having missed counseling during their training. Teachers can now be contacted by e-mail or phone, “but I did not want to disturb,” says Aurora who would have preferred more supervision from teachers. She had to wait one to three weeks before receiving a corrected once the assignment sent. “The exercises at the end of the chapter are not always obligatory but help to exploit your knowledge,” says Celine.

Accumulate work

It is necessary to be vigilant in its learning otherwise the quantity of work can quickly accumulate. Aurora has received about fifty courses, “I then made cards that I learned by heart but I sometimes have trouble distinguishing the essentials of the superfluous”. Celine also deplores the impressive mass of courses and noted delays in sending courses which ultimately resulted in an overabundance of work.

The absence of human contact

“I enjoyed meeting other people during my exams,” says Aurora, who has befriended a student and regrets not having met her earlier. Meeting other students can be a factor in the success of your studies. Distance learning often offers a digital platform that allows students to interact with each other. Celine confirms that there was a lot of mutual help but found this means of communication “less spontaneous and very impersonal”.

Recognition of the world of work

Last disadvantage (and not least): the legitimacy of the diploma provided by the distance learning organizations. Indeed, the recognition of your training by the professional world is not acquired from your registration. Aurora admits having had difficulties in ” finding a stable job in the process” because some recruiters questioned the validity of their correspondence learning. You can learn more about MPA distance learning here https://www.mbaglue.com/