Ways to avoid Plagiarism

Various ways are underline to avoid plagiarism


Citation is a procedure which actually provides a reference or a detail on a source that from where have you taken the information. This provides a proof that the certain work has not been copied and is just used for help or research. Citation also provides your readers or teachers a good image that you are actually doing hard work on the assignment. It also helps the fellow students to check on the reference given by you for their own help.

Other ways

One of the most important ones is paraphrasing. A student or an article writer may be citing through online for help or reference, but key element is to write it in your own words even if it’s the same length as the original source.

Use quotes in your topic even if you are copying the exact same words. Put it in quotation marks because without that it will be considered as copied. Now use quotes only when it matches the situation or providing references.

You can borrow stuff to fill in the paper assignment or web articles as well but with references and explanation that why it was used.


Different tools are online these days which provides plagiarism online and also comparing from one another. Now, these tools let you check that whether the content is original or copied. Teachers and article writers over the web should be updated with these tools. This is to maintain quality and originality of the content. Such tools as Plagiarism Checker or Article rewriter can be used. Article Rewriter is not recommended in the most cases because it merely rewrites the copied topic in different words, It’s not always authentic with grammar though so need to check that separately.


This is important why? Because without research you will just start writing blind and that may attract you in copying work. Now before any start, you should first have a thorough research of your topic and collect various ideas and concepts and then write it in your words. This will not only widen your concept about work but also will increase your confidence and quality.

Take it seriously

Above all that the issue of plagiarism should be taken on a serious note and an awareness should be spread in students, teachers, web article writers.

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