m pretty sure that each of us have always had this ambition to do something but, some way or the other have lacked the determination to actually put the effort to set aside time to work towards this ambition. For students studying in school, this results to scoring high marks and being a topper, but settling for just an average score to clear the exam. Although this might not be at any risk in your junior classes, when carried forward to senior school or competitive exams, this stands as a major barrier to your success. Let us look at few tips on how to overcome this issue and to stay focussed and determined towards achieving your goals.

Build curiosity:

Finding interest towards your goal is the first and foremost step to take. In cases of studying subjects taught in school, it is important to find interest towards what you’re studying and building a curiosity for the subject and to ask questions like “What” and “Why” to the concepts like Newton’s Law, law of reflection, nuclear fusion, etc. This will also help you to develop a strong foundation of these concepts which in turn will automatically develop your interest towards the subject.

Make a plan:

As we are trying to settle for the best, there will be a broad open road in front of us. In such cases, the best way to tackle this unclear path like either a vast syllabus or a complicated topic is by setting a proper plan and sticking to it systematically. Making a proper study plan should involve short-term and long-term goals while having the big picture in mind.

Take Breaks:

As we all are humans, it’s pretty common for us to get bored or annoyed doing the same thing over and over again. Hence, setting breaks while making your progress plan is a must. During these breaks, do stuff that will ease your mind from the pressure like a power nap or an evening walk, or even playing your favorite sport.

Common Tips:

  • Treat yourself once you have achieved your targets as it’s always good to create a reason to celebrate and stay positive.
  • Test yourself: make sure periodic testing takes place. This will help you to know that you’re on the right track.
  • Try not to always stick to the traditional methods of learning; explore new technologies and see how it benefits you towards achieving your goal.

Here, we have seen few of the many tips that will help you stay determined to achieve your goal. Students can also get involved in online discussion forums like science discussions as this will help to stay engaged and get different ideas of concepts. Also, students can check out this YouTube channel to learn through interesting videos and 3D animations.