The Education Requirements for Becoming a Project Manager

In order to pursue a career as a project manager, you need to get the proper educational background that companies are seeking in their applicants. Luckily, you have a number of paths available to follow in your choice of degrees at Boston University, all of which should make you eligible to achieve your goal of a career in project management. You can also get an online project management degree as well, should you decide to work independently and on your own schedule.Business group meeting portrait – Five business people working together. A diverse work group.

What is Project Management

Project managers are relied upon to take positions of leadership on complicated projects, coordinate teams of personnel, delegate duties, and compose routine reports to all stakeholders. Project management is an essential component of multiple industries and fields and earning your degree can get you a significant advantage when you are searching for employment.

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree

This is typically the minimum education requirement for anyone seeking employment as a project manager. But the type of Bachelor’s Degree will likely vary depending upon the field you’re interested in working. Choose wisely as you can pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in the wrong field and only be qualified for positions in that particular area of study. A number of schools offer specialized project management degrees and any business-related degrees are usually a good “all-encompassing” degree that can get help you get your foot in the door.

Earning a Master’s Degree

Though a Bachelor’s Degree is the typical minimum, some companies are willing to hire prospective applicants who have a Master’s Degree. An MBA can provide valuable and useful insight into becoming a project manager with a wide variety of companies and holding such a degree can also give you a much-needed advantage over other applicants who may not have this level of education. This type of degree is often looked upon favorably if you can prove you participated in an internship of some kind as well.

Earning a Graduate Certificate

In lieu of a degree, you can earn a graduate certificate in project management from a number of accredited schools. Earning one of these certificates can also be accomplished through various online study programs as well, so you have some leeway in this area. Students who pursue a graduate certificate usually do so after having earned their Bachelor’s Degree or they use it as an opportunity to gain further work experience in their desired field. When you pursue a graduate certificate, you have been given training in scheduling, risk management, advanced budgeting, and other prerequisite skills that employers want to see in their applicants.

Earning a Professional Certificates

Getting your degree is essential but adding a professional certificate to your resume can imbue you with specialized skill sets that pertain to the field of project management you wish to pursue in your career. These are pursued as an advancement for learning but most schools won’t allow you to earn one unless you have a Bachelor’s Degree.