HC Verma  Physics vol 2

Candidates, who are interested in engineering field job, must have to clear their all concepts of physics, chemistry and maths. For clearing entrance exam which are related to engineering field, candidates may also prefer the books used in 11th class and 12th class. For clearing the concept of physics subject, follow books of HC Verma . For getting job either in private sector or in govt. sector, every candidate has to clear the entrance exam which is conducted by respective companies or organizations. So, it is much necessary to clear the entrance exam with highest score.

Here, we have given the brief description of the physics part one and physics part two so that no student have any doubt for HC Verma  solutions of physics books. Both parts consist 47 chapters which are categorized as given below:

Chapters 1 – 14: mechanics

Chapters 15 – 17: waves including wave optics

Chapters 18 – 22: optics

Chapters 23 – 28: heat and thermodynamics

Chapters 29 – 40: electric and magnetic phenomena

Chapters 41 – 47: modern physics

There are number of candidates who are searching vol 2 of HC Verma  physics so that they can do best preparation for their competitive exams. Here, link of each chapter of vol 2 has been given below. You can click on the chapter name and that specific chapter will download in your system with all type of questions and solutions. HC Verma  PDF for each chapter is easily found on the internet. There are some of specific websites where you will get all information and editions related to HC Verma . All chapters of vol 2 of HC Verma  physics solutions are given by name wise which are from chapter 23 to chapter 47.

HC Verma  solutions vol 2 or part two has following chapters:

Chapter – 23 heat and temperature

Chapter – 24 kinetic theory of gases

Chapter – 25 calorimetry

Chapter – 26 law of thermodynamics

Chapter – 27 specific heat capacities of gases

Chapter – 28 heat transfer

Chapter – 29 electric field and potential

Chapter – 30 Gauss’s law

Chapter – 31 capacitors

Chapter – 32 electric current in conductors

Chapter – 33 thermal and chemical effects of current

Chapter – 34 magnetic field

Chapter – 35 magnetic field due to current

Chapter – 36 permanent magnets

Chapter – 37 magnetic properties of matter

Chapter – 38 electromagnetic induction

Chapter – 39 alternating current

Chapter – 40 electromagnetic waves

Chapter – 41 electric current through gases

Chapter – 42 photoelectric effect and wave particle duality

Chapter – 43 Bohr’s model and physics of the atom

Chapter – 44 X – rays

Chapter – 45 semiconductors and semiconductors devices

Chapter – 46 the nucleus

Chapter – 47 the special theory of relativity

There are huge numbers of coaching institutes who prefer to follow HC Verma  physics books so that candidates may secure their bright future by scoring highest marks in the competitive exam. All coaching institutes in India recommend this book because it has best concept for physics subject in all aspects. When a student read this book for first time, he or she will understand all concepts in one time. So, follow this book and have a bright future.