A Brief Education on Canadian Education Charities

Within Canada, low income students often struggle to receive proper accommodation which results in lowered levels of social skills, social ability1, and intellectual development2. Unfortunately, publicly funded schools often can’t afford the additional resources to provide accommodation. With education, especially early childhood education, resulting in a lowered crime rate3 and a 1.3-3.5% increase in adult income4, help is needed to provide the additional resources both schools and students require to bridge this gap.

In under-developed nations, a year spent in school, something that many of us take for granted, can result in a 10% increase in one’s potential earnings5, a number that grows with the number of years spent in school. Additionally, the growth of women’s education since 1990 has reduced the number of child deaths by 902,7996.

Thankfully, Canada is home to numerous charities that work to establish, grow, and maintain access to education both nationally and worldwide. The following are just a few of the charities working tirelessly to improve education around the world.

Charities making a difference in Canada

Renfrew Educational Services is a leader in education for children with special needs, and has been working with and for children and parents since 1973. The not-for-profit started as a community based kindergarten program in Renfrew, a community in Calgary, AB., and has since grown to five locations serving over 700 students.

Through forging partnerships between businesses, government, school boards, teachers, parents, and labour and community organizations across Canada, The Learning Partnership is dedicated to supporting and advancing public education in Canada. The Learning Partnership runs student programs, educator programs and executive leadership, knowledge mobilization, collaborations, tributes, and celebration events in an effort to continue building and strengthening bridges between the business and education communities to help students strive for success.

Charities making a difference internationally

All Nations International Development Agency (ANIDA) has been working to connect the vulnerable with access to education since 1997. The founders, Dr. Samuel Donkor and his wife Rev. Rose Donkor, started ANIDA by sponsoring 5 orphans, but have since taken their passion to help those in need and grown ANIDA into an international charity that operates through four major projects: The Silent Cry (a child sponsorship program), The Women’s Development Centre, Neighbourhood Outreach and Help (NOAH), and Emergency Relief.

Mustard Seed International operates in Southeast Asia and India to build education programs in remote and underserved areas. By launching and sponsoring ministries, Mustard Seed International aims to start schools, care for orphans, and serve the communities they work in in an effort to raise the children they work for as leaders. Through their teacher and leadership training program, Mustard Seed International aims to increase the number of leaders in these communities, as well as equip them with the skills they need to serve their communities.

Other charities you should know

In addition to these four charities, there are thousands of Canadian charities of all sizes working to improve education in Canada and around the world.

Kids Now, created in 1999, works to build self-esteem and leadership skills in grade 7 and 8 students in Canada. They aim to help these students transition successfully into high school through a free after-school life-skills and leadership mentoring program.

Classroom Connections Learning Foundation has spent the past 15 years developing innovative educational programs and materials that are used in over 80% of schools in Canada. In the last 6 years, Classroom Connections has worked to deliver employability skills training to youth in First Nations communities.

Elimu, an entirely volunteer-run organization, provides mentorship and education support in Kenya. Their goal is to provide resources and help children build the skills they need to achieve success and find hope for their futures.

Charities Helping Charities

Not only are there education charities helping individuals, but there are some charities that provide education specifically for people working in the charitable sector, helping them grow donations and learn about fundraising online. CanadaHelps is one charity in particular that provides free webinars, online courses, fundraising guides and other educational resources for charities.

A full list of Canadian charities working to improve education nationally and worldwide can be found here.


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