5 Tips for designing a professional presentation


Professional presentation made with Powerpoint or other applications are a pronounced way to convey a speech, envisage complicated concepts or emphasis attention on particular subject. While delivering presentation in professional environment or public speaking, you should focus on its design because badly designed slides with so much text or bad graphics can divert or irritate the audience.

Below are the tips that will help you create presentations with a professional look and brief content, avoiding the usual mistakes.

1. Use proper layout and images to your advantage

It is common that most Western languages read from left to right and from top to bottom. This is the natural reading order, through which you can direct people’s appreciations in a careful way. The attention of audience can be increased with help of proper layouts, images, diagrams, etc. Use of layout is an easy but effective approach to regulate the flow and hierarchy of information in business presentation. Apart from this, nothing makes a powerpoint presentation more appealing than a well-placed image. Hence, it is recommended to include more images in your slides than text. Make use of images to visualize and explain your concept but avoid using it just to decorate the presentation. You can also seek help of charts or diagrams to visually explain the theory or concept. Make use of professional powerpoint templates if your designs skills are weak.

2. Use Consistency

To grab the attention of audience from start till the end, consistency needs to be maintained in the flow of presentation. You can do this by consistently using the same font face and sizes on every slide as people hate to attend powerpoint presentation that has different font styles in each slide. It is also recommended to maintain consistency in colors as bad choice of colors can shatter a presentation. Make use of color that matches with the background and do not appear too bright or too dark.

3. No sentences

Presentation is made professional only when there is no heavy text or too much content in slides. Slides are simplified, visual notecards intended to seek attention of audience and support main ideas. When you deliver business presentation, you must be ready to orally explain the content without reading from the slides as it will make bad impression in public speaking. Placing sentences instead of bullet points will create a situation wherein the audience would be reading your presentation instead of attending your speech; hence your messaging may lose its effectiveness. For effectively conducting the presentation, simplify your core message and use keywords to convey the information. Professional presentation never has complete sentences except you are quoting someone or some thoughts/sayings.

4. Use latest trends while making it

The presentation can be made professional through use of recent trends like infographics, flat designs, appealing fonts and pixel perfect images. Infographic is used to discuss the concept in visually engaging way and include a subject or data that is alluring to your target audience. For making flat designs, stick to simple light and dark colors. Selection of fonts needs to be made carefully as very stylish or very out-dated fonts can damage the overall look of presentation. You should go for images that are pixel perfect otherwise some image will be too sharp and some will be too blur, badly affecting the visual appearance of presentation.


5. Keep Your Audience In Mind

Before delivering presentation ask certain questions to yourself like what do audience know, what are their expectations, what will keep them focused, etc. This is important because if you fail to captivate the attention of your audience, your effort will be in vain irrespective of how talented you are or how ingenious your design is. Frame the content of presentation keeping in mind audience’s knowledge, ability, interest, demands, etc.

Concluding Note

Today, professional presentations have become a medium to address audience in appealing way. You need to be professional considering the audience and mentioned tips to succeed in your goal of delivering effectively.