Maths Important tips for Problem Solving

The subject of mathematics is involved in our everyday use, whether people like it or not. Such as in purchasing of a product from the grocery store; basic Maths operation such as addition, subtraction etc. should be well known. This is like a droplet in an ocean, as the subject is so vast in itself that it is really difficult to know everything about a topic which includes an infinite number of topics. The problem with many students is that they don’t know the studying methodology. They are generally marks oriented, rather than making their concepts clear.

Here are few tips to help students in understanding the topics that would also help in problem-solving:

(i) Practice More: “Practice is the key to success,” the more you do, the better you understand. In order to understand a topic in a better way, you should try solving different varieties of questions having different levels of difficulties. Consider a topic like Geometry which is one of the vast topics having subtopics like angles, shapes, polygon, Surface areas and volume, etc. Thus, one needs to practice more questions to have mastery on the topic.

(ii) Understand your weakness: Rather than working on your strong areas, focus more attention on solving questions from your weak areas. This would not only help you in problem-solving but will also help in improving scores and better understanding in mathematics.

(iii) Study in Distraction-free environment: This is considered as the best time for studying as the subject of mathematics requires more concentration in problem solving and understanding of concepts. One such environment can be early morning, as our mind works sharp enough to understand the topics at a faster rate.

(iv) Understand the Cumulative nature of Maths: It is to be remembered that the course of mathematics is cumulative in nature. Almost every topic in Maths is related to the topics that you have already learned.  If you find any topic difficult, it goes without saying that you need to review your old notes or materials in order to clear the concepts for the new topic.

For an example, you will find higher algebra to be really difficult without the knowledge of high-school algebra. Also, you can’t solve questions on Binomial theorem without having the knowledge of algebra. Thus, one can see the relation and understand the prerequisite of a topic.

Thus all the tips discussed above, build up confidence and helps in problem-solving.

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