AWS(Amazon web services) cloud computing vs Microsoft Azure cloud computing

The world of technology is so big that we cannot even imagine what technology will be released in near future and the whole world will work using amazing advanced technologies.

There are lots of data available in the market which belongs to various categories, storing all of them at once place is not at all an easy task. There are billions of data available and if you need to store them that too only relevant data, you need Cloud Computing or Big Data.

Today we are going to discuss about what are the differences between AWS Cloud Computing and Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing. Azure Training is very much beneficial for those who are fresh in this field. Before knowing these things, you should know what cloud computing is and why we use it.

What is Cloud Computing?

As I said, in order to manage, process large amount of data we need more space. So, in cloud computing a large network is used in which the remote servers of those networks are hosted on internet through which you can manage, store and process big data sets.

If you want to learn more about Cloud Computing you can register yourself at the AWS Cloud Computing Program. Are you aware of what it is? No? Let me tell you.

About AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a platform which provides lots of technical knowledge and services on technological fields like Cloud Computing, Database, Networking, Software, Messaging and many more.

If you want to use Cloud Computing using the amazon web services then you can do it by creating an account on AWS.

It is a paid platform but if you want to use a trial version which is free, then you need to follow these 3 steps.

  • First of all, you need to create an account on AWS.
  • Once the account is created you need to launch the virtual machine.
  • After launching the virtual machine, you can store and manage your data.

After looking at which services AWS provides let us see what Microsoft Azure have for us.

About Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing

For best Azure Training, you must log on to Microsoft Azure. It has not only materials related to cloud computing but it has a stack of various technical concepts which you can learn.

There are lots of people who are not from IT background but still wants to use the services which helps them in various fields. But to get that advantage it is necessary to at least know the concept. Azure Training is for these kinds of people also.

Why Azure Training at Microsoft Azure?

Using Microsoft Azure you can learn about the basics of Microsoft’s cloud platform. You can learn about security, transparency, disaster recovery and many more things.

Final Words

Looking at both the platforms and doing the comparison between AWS Cloud Computing VS Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing, the conclusion on which I reached is, both the platforms are amazing for learning cloud and using their services.